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Leave your shoes:
I installed a full-scale recreational park within a 1000 square foot gallery. Twenty-three cubic yards of landscaped earth, rolls of sod, a tree, and a picnic table intervened in the middle of downtown LA. Visitors played games, read under the tree, picnicked, and threw parties in the park. A successive work, "Earth for a Dollar" reconstituted that exhibition’s materials, repackaging and distributing remnants through a commercial transaction of earth plots.

Toglietevi le scarpe:
For this iteration of "Leave your shoes at the door," the green patches of respite in LA became the sentimentalized landscape of the rural olive grove in Turin's bustling urban center, shifting the elements of the installation to specifically engage the audience of a different environment. In the successive "Terreno in Vendita," visitors purchased plots of land, like in "Earth for a Dollar," yet in this version the plots were reserved in advance and divvied up at the exhibition’s conclusion.